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Asociación Entre Amigos
Entre Amigos is the Salvadorean Integral Development Association for Sexual Minorities, a national Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender human rights organization in El Salvador. Its executive director William Hernandez is one of three Year 2000 recipients of the annual International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission's Felipa de Souza Awards, which "honor individuals and/or organizations that have made significant contributions toward securing the human rights and freedoms of sexual minorities anywhere in the world." Entre Amigos works in a violent, threatening and lethal environment (often dealing with openly hostile or apathetic government officials). The group diligently documents and denounces human rights violations to improve the lives of LGBT people and the straight allies who care about their well being.


Asociación Entre Amigos
Avenida Santa Mónica # 171
Urbanización Buenos Aires 4
Calle a San Antonio Abad
San Salvador, El Salvador
Tele: (503) 22 57 49 30 and 22 57 49 31